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Foster To Adopt

Our foster-to-adopt program is a program in which you foster a dog with the intent to adopt them permanently if the fostering experience goes well.

What is the Foster to Adopt Program

The foster to adopt (FTA) program allows families to select a dog directly from a southern shelter. The dog is picked up directly from transport and is fostered for 7 days to evaluate if they're a perfect fit for your family. 

After 7 days, the family decides between adopting the dog, or fostering the dog until a better matched family is found to adopt it.

FTA Pros

  • Guaranteed a dog from transport (no competition or waiting list)

  • Longer time to spend with the dog to evaluate

  • Better idea of personality

  • Able to see the dog in your home

FTA Cons

  • Limited health information from the shelter

  • Health and behavior is not pre-screened by a foster

  • Medical care is at the rescue's discretion

  • Dog is picked up directly from transport

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