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Debi is a 2-3 year old pitty weighing in around 50lbs of pure sweetness. 🥰 Debi is the HAPPIEST and SWEETEST girl you will ever meet! Her tail is constantly wagging and she has the biggest, most gorgeous pittie smile! She loves everyone that she meets; adults, kids, cats and dogs! Debi LOVES to cuddle on the couch and is always down to do whatever you want, as long as she can be by your side! 💜Debi LOVES the outdoors! 🏔️ She is always up to go out exploring and having new adventures. Debi is crate trained and knows simple commands. Debi was found as a stray in Rochester. She was skin and bones and in desperate need of medical attention when she came to us. 🥺 Debi has an abnormal neurological exam, and walks a little funny. Her doctors believe that she suffered some sort of trauma such as being hit by a car. She is unable to urinate on her own and needs her bladder to be expressed daily. She is also incontinent with feces, but that's nothing a cute diaper can't fix! Debbi can go up to 8 hours without a diaper change! Debi is the most loving and loyal girl and we know the right home is out there for her! She needs an understanding and patient home with someone who is able to manage her medical needs. She will repay you with unconditional love and snuggles for the rest of her days! ❤️


2 years


**Meet Chase: Your Loyal, Playful Companion!** 🐾 Are you looking for a loyal and playful companion? Look no further than Chase, our charming 2-year-old chocolate lab mix. Chase is not just your average pup; he's a gem with unique qualities that make him a delightful addition to any loving home. 🏡 Here's why Chase is the perfect match for you: **House Trained and Well-Mannered:** Chase is a pro when it comes to potty training! He'll kindly let you know when he needs to go outside by heading straight to the door. With a spotless record of no accidents indoors, Chase is a clean and well-behaved companion. 🤩 **Independent and Relaxed:** While Chase may not enjoy being crated, he's perfectly content being left alone at home. He won't chew on anything he shouldn't, opting instead to relax until you return. 😌 Chase is the epitome of a laid-back companion who knows how to enjoy his own company. **Best Suited for Adults:** Chase thrives in a calm environment and is best suited for a household without children. His gentle demeanor makes him a fantastic companion for adults seeking a loyal and low-maintenance furry friend. 🦮 **Enjoys Adventures and Relaxation:** Whether it's playing fetch in the yard or lounging on the couch, Chase is up for any adventure or relaxation session. He'll happily join you on outdoor excursions or snuggle up for a cozy evening indoors. **Treat-Motivated and Obedient:** Chase is a smart cookie who loves his treats! 🍪 He knows basic commands like sit, down, and place, making him a joy to train and interact with. Mealtime is a breeze with Chase, though he tends to eat a bit fast out of sheer excitement! **Loves Chew Time and Squeaky Toys:** Give Chase a bone or a squeaky toy, and he'll be entertained for hours! 🦴 His favorite pastime includes gnawing on bones and playing with his beloved rubber chicken squeaky toy. 🐔 **Fenced Yard Recommended:** Chase's adventurous spirit means he may try to bolt out the door, so a fenced yard would be ideal to keep him safe and secure. 🔒 If you're ready to welcome a loyal, playful, and well-mannered companion into your life, Chase is eagerly waiting to become a part of your family. ☺️ chase would prefer a home without other dogs. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make cherished memories with this wonderful canine companion! 💕

Sheaba bonded to Bandit



Hello everyone!! This is Sheaba & Bandit. They are bonded buddies! They were a local surrender due to their owner being homeless. Sheaba is 9 lbs and 12 years old, Bandit is 12 lbs and 11 years old. They are crate trained and potty trained, with occasional accidents. Their foster says they are super happy and relaxed. They do bark when guests arrive, just to let you know someone is here! 🤗 Great little pups that anyone will love! 🩷💙 They are dog, cat and kid friendly. If you're looking for your best buds, look no further! Use the link below and let's start 2024 in style 🥰

Bandit bonded to Sheaba



🎉 BEST BUDS LOOKING FOR THEIR BEST PAL 🎉 Meet Sheaba & Bandit! They are bonded buddies who came to us as a local surrender due to their owner being homeless. These senior babes are 11-12 years young and around 10 lbs of adorable smiles! They are crate and potty trained, with occasional accidents. They get along great with doggy friends, kitty friends, and human kiddos! Their foster says they are super happy and relaxed. Great little pups that any in one will love! 🩷💙 They just want to live out their golden years soaking in all the love from their forever human! Who wants to cuddle up with these cuties during the cold winter!? Click the link below!




Hey there! Let me introduce you to Benson, the coolest pup in town! 🐾 This handsome guy is 3 years old weighing in around 46 pounds! Benson came up on our last transport- he was a stray in town for several weeks before being brought to the shelter 🥺 He is now safe with us and ready to find his forever home! 🏡 Benson is always up for an adventure, whether it's a game of fetch or a hike in the great outdoors. 🥾 He's also one smart cookie! He's mastered ‘sit’ and ‘shake’,🥳 he's always ready to show off his skills and make you smile. 😊 Benson is potty trained and still learning the crate is a safe place. When it's time to relax, Benson knows how to unwind like a pro. He loves nothing more than curling up on the couch next to his favorite humans, soaking up all the love and belly rubs. He's a total snuggle bug and will happily keep you company during movie marathons or lazy Sunday afternoons. 🥰 Benson is charming and oh so gentle but has a high prey drive and would do best in a home with no cats. 🤭 He would love a home with a fenced in yard to run around and play in! 🐕 He would likely do best with older children and someone who is home more often than not that is patient and willing to help him work through his separation anxiety 🤍 His foster mama says he is the absolute sweetest dog ever and needs a family with tons of love to give 😍 If Benson sounds like the perfect match for you, click the link below! Trust me, you won't be able to resist his irresistible charm! 🐶❤️🎉




Hiyah Buddy! I’m Nico! 👋 I was dumped at an overcrowded shelter in TN when my owner decided they no longer wanted me. I was in a small outdoor pen at the shelter in freezing temperatures. I am 1 year old and around 16lbs of handsome. 💙 I love the play and cuddle and can’t wait to meet my forever pal! I love going on walkies and meeting doggy friends! 🐶 I love running zoomies in the back yard and would love a fenced in yard in my forever home! I am a smart cookie and know commands for sit, down, and paw! I love to play with doggy friends and am such a happy sweet friendly little guy! I am crate trained and potty trained. I have a lot to say so I am best suit in ed for a stand alone house 🏠 so I don't interrupt neighbors I can’t wait to love you forever!

Evita (musical litter)

11 weeks


Introducing Evita from the Musical litter 🎵 Evita is miss Sass and will be the first to push through to give all the kisses and soak up attention! She’s on the chunkier side compared to her sisters 🥓 These precious puppies are not only cute, but they also have unique personalities that will make your heart sing! 🎶 From the energetic pup who loves to dance to the cuddly one who enjoys a cozy snuggle session, each member of the 'Musical' litter brings their own special melody to your life. With their playful nature and curiosity, these pups are ready to explore the world and create beautiful memories with their new families. 🌍❤️ Adopt one of these furry musical enthusiasts and let the symphony of love begin! 🐾🎵


16 weeks


Meet Honey, the sweetest little bundle of joy you'll ever meet! 🍯🐾 At just 4 months old and 19 pounds, she's got the perfect size for cuddling and playtime. Honey had a rough start in life, but she's ready to find her forever home and shower them with love. 💕🏠 Honey is full of that crazy puppy energy, but don't worry, it just adds to her charm! She's a social butterfly and gets along great with cats, dogs, and humans alike. 🐶🐱👫 When it comes to potty training, Honey is making great progress! She's getting the hang of going outside, but she'll also use a pee pad indoors if needed. 🚽💪 Honey loves being with her humans and foster siblings. She's a true companion who enjoys their company to the fullest. Her crate is her safe place, where she sleeps soundly at night. 🌙🐾 While she's still learning how to walk on a leash, Honey is eager to please and with a little patience and training, she'll become a pro in no time! 🐾🐾 Honey is looking for a loving home where someone is willing to work with her on basic manners and commands. With the right guidance, she'll be the best pup anyone could ask for! 🐶💖


1 year

65 lbs

Meet Luna! This sweet girl is 1 year old and 65 lbs of fun! Luna is famous for her “happy licks” also known as “tongue baths”! 👅 She’s a playful and energetic girl who is looking for an active family! She LOVES the outdoors and going for walks. Luna is potty trained and still learning the crate is a safe place. She gets along great with doggy friends and kids 10+. She loves a good game of tug of war and snuggling with you every time you sit! She’s a happy and loving girl who just wants to love her best friend forever! 💕


8 months


Meet Gates, the resilient pup who's ready to leave his sad past behind and find a loving family to call his own! At just 8 months old and 48 pounds, Gates came to us severely underweight, but his spirit remains unbreakable. 🐾 This sweet boy is currently working hard on potty training and crate training, and with a little patience and his favorite kong or bone, he's learning to settle in his crate. Gates would thrive in a home with a fenced yard, as he loves to explore and burn off his abundant energy. 🌳⚡️ While Gates may have a mischievous side (watch out for counter-surfing and hole-digging adventures!), he's an affectionate companion who just needs someone with dog knowledge to guide him in learning basic manners. With the right guidance and an active lifestyle, Gates will be your loyal and loving sidekick! 🐶💖 Let's find this deserving boy the forever home he deserves. Share his story, spread the love, and let's help Gates embark on a new chapter filled with happiness, love, and endless tail wags! 🏡🐾


10 weeks


Meet Sundance, the gentle giant with a heart of gold! 🐾 This handsome boy was born in a shelter down south before he got his freedom ride to New York- he is ready to steal your heart! ❤️ He might be one of the biggest of the litter and likes to play boss, but don't let that fool you – he's a big softie at heart. 🐶 Sundance is rambunctious and playful, but when he's not at play or asleep, he's a total cuddle monster who loves kisses. 🐾 If you're looking for a playful and affectionate companion who's always up for a good time, Sundance is the perfect match!


10 weeks


Meet Winston, the roly-poly party animal with a voice to match! 🎤 This handsome boy was born down south before he got his freedom ride to NY. He is growing big and strong and is ready to party! 🥳🎉 He might be one of the biggest of the litter and quite the instigator of shenanigans, but he's also a total sweetheart who loves snuggles and belly rubs. 🐶 When he's not roughhousing with his siblings, you can find him singing his heart out – he's got quite the voice! 🎶 If you're looking for a playful and energetic companion who's always up for a good time, Winston is the perfect match!
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